We offer exterior cleaning services and Preventative Products for Preventive Maintenance Programs.

  • Manual roof moss removal and roof spray to prevent moss growth
  • Gutter cleaning (inside and outside) and FreeFlo Gutter Filter insert and Stainguarder to prevent gutter staining and gutter plug and overflow
  • Window cleaning (exterior and interior)
  • Power washing


As a company that deals with exterior cleaning on a regular basis, we witness the damage done to homes by clogged gutters almost daily: cracked foundations, rotted exterior siding, rotten interior walls and fascia.

At the same time we saw the damage, made by cleaning, done by inexperienced technicians. Even worse, due to high cost of those services there are so many houses that haven’t been maintained properly.

We realise that a simple cleaning is almost never enough for a proper protection of our clients' houses as that is only a corrective solution (Reaction), and there is a great need for proactive (Prevention) approach on this matter.

Instead of endless cleanings, we can work to PREVENT bad things from happening altogether.

  • Instead of constant removal of debris from your gutters, we PREVENT them from filling up.
  • Instead of cleaning outside of your gutters to return the to proper working order, we PREVENT them from staining and streaking.
  • Instead of waiting for the moss on your roof to grow large enough for manual removal, (and let it damage your roof in the process!) — we have a solution that can kill it to PREVENT it from growing.